Rating System

A little insight into how I rate the books I read.

And just FYI, in case this isn’t completely obvious to everybody, all the content on this blog – be it reviews or book hauls or discussions or rants – are my opinions and my intellectual property (uhhh, how fancy) and mine alone.

The opposite however applies to the pictures: unless otherwise stated (by a cutesy little watermark on them) none of those are mine.

Go forth, lovely humans, and read all the books!



Badassery and epicness galore! F**king perfection and would highly recommend this to EVERYONE!


Thoroughly enjoyed this, though it had some flaws, which can however be very easily overlooked. I would recommend this, if you’re interested in the genre and themes of the book.


I enjoyed it, but wasn’t blown away. This could be a hit or miss for you.


This was merely ok. I finished it, but it was not enjoyable for me. I would not recommend it.


A for effort! You wrote a book, which is the only reason I’m giving a point here. Otherwise this was a complete waste of my time, so let’s just pretend this never happened!

Books that I did not finish also fall into this rating category.

And of course obviously wouldn’t recommend this.

2 thoughts on “Rating System

  1. Would you consider doing a review for a free copy/read of a book? I’m recruiting beta readers, and would be honored to have your opinion!


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