How About Them Bad Reviews

Twilight Sparkle FrustratedSo when you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy a book do you find yourself exclusively reading the bad reviews it’s gotten? If you’re guilty and you know it clap your hands! *slow claps it out louder than everybody else*

I do this ALL THE FUCKING TIME! Every time I come across a book I think I’d enjoy reading, the very first thing I do is sit down and do some extensive research into all the bad reviews it’s gotten. And even if it’s just one single one – I will WILL find it and I WILL let that one bad review influence my decision. Big time!

I don’t even know why I do this. I’ve read a lot of books that have gotten horrible reviews and I loved them. And still when it’s that time of the month and my credit card is screaming at me to go buy some shit (which let’s be real usually is books), I delve into the depth of goodreads and dig up all the really despicable reviews of the books on my “buy me now” list. And then it’s an endless medley of “Wow that premise sounds so great” – “What?! Oh god nope thanks, I’m gonna hate that.” – “Oh but it has badass chicks in it!” – “Seriously? Fuck no!” – “Lesbians you say? Well then I couldn’t care less about how bad it is! Give it to me!”

Okay that last one is pretty much the defining factor in all my life choices, but you get the general gist right? I find myself agreeing with every bad thing that’s been written about a book before I’ve even read it and I then get scared that since that one person on the internet, who probably has a completely different taste in books than me and whose name I don’t even know, despises this book, I naturally will hate it too.

It’s a really bad habit on my part and I’m trying not to get sucked into the void of ranting and venting, because I think that I’m missing out on some excellent books by letting myself be influenced by one bad review.


How about you? How do you decide what book (or rather books, because we all know we’re not gonna buy just one book…) to get next?

I hope you’re having a wonderful Monday, lovely humans!

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7 thoughts on “How About Them Bad Reviews

  1. I read bad reviews all the time before I read a book but I end up not liking the book anyways. Maybe I’m prurposefully denying myself objectivity because for the books that I love, it’s hard for me to read bad reviews for them no matter if they’re nice bad reviews or not. But I try to sort out what part of the book was “bad” and base it off my own thoughts. Like if a book has underdeveloped characters, I usually won’t like pick it up. But if a book has good characters and maybe a slow plot, I’ll consider it.

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    1. Oh god reading bad reviews about books I adore is like a stab to the heart! No matter how objective they are – everyone who writes a bad review on one of my favourite books is immediately wrong! 😉
      If I see the words “underdeveloped characters” there is no way I will get close to that book! Characters are the most important thing in literature and if they are badly written, the entire thing is done for!

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      1. I know! It just feels like a personal insult. Yeah, if a book has underdeveloped characters, it better have an uber amazing plot or writing to make up for it and even then it probably won’t.

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  2. I read bad reviews when I come across them, btu I don’t actively search them out. most of the time.. Sometimes when I’m unsure of a book to begin with I do search them out to see if my worries are justified or something..


    1. Especially when I’m worried about something being in the book I could potentially hate I go a little bit overboard with my search for bad reviews.. but I shouldn’t complain about the bad reviews too much – I tend to do more reviews on the bad books I’ve read than the good ones as well and they usually turn out pretty – let’s say – passionate. And I want them to be read too, so I hope there are people out there, like me, who “enjoy” reading bad reviews! 😉

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