The Greatest Hits of 2015 – Part I: The Books

The other day when I reviewed my reading year I decided to write down some of the books that stayed with me and really impressed me and that I just really fucking enjoyed reading!

I split this list up into two categories of fives, the first one being, well, “actual” books for lack of a better word and the second one being Sequential Art books and Graphic Novels. Also in the end, because this just got a bit too long, I decided to split up the entire post into these two categories so today I wanna talk about the books and the beautiful picture books will soon follow! The order I put my “ranking” in is just the chronological order in which I read the books because I suck at picking favourites!

If I’ve written a review about the book or mentioned it in a wrap up, I will link those up for your further reading pleasures.

#1: “Elijah’s Mermaid“ by Essie Fox
Elijah's Mermaid CoverNow I’m not usually a huge fan of historical fiction, but this book was one of the first books I read last year and it stayed with me until now. The characters and the story were gripping and I read this book in one go. This is extraordinarily well researched and so well written! The atmosphere is mysterious and sometimes really eerie and kind of creepy and I loved it. I wrote more on this in my January wrap up.


#2: “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West” by Gregory Maguire
Wicked CoverElphaba might be my favourite character of all time! She is so wonderfully flawed and sometimes she displays a very questionable set of morals, but this is why I love her so fucking much! I’m sick and tired of reading only about characters that are either good or bad, because it’s not realistic at all. Everyone has their grey areas. We’re not all solely good or solely bad and sometimes we all make decisions that might not be morally very sound, but that’s what makes us human! And that’s what makes Gregory Maguire’s characters extremely relatable and you can read more about my love for Wicked in my February wrap up.


#3: “The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin” by Colette Moody
The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original SinIt’s been a long time since I’ve read a book and had to laugh out loud! This story was just so fucking funny! There are pirates and lesbians and lesbian pirates and brutal sea battles and some sexy times and witty characters and need I say more? You can find a bit more about this in my July wrap up.


#4: “Vicious” by V. E. Schwab
ViciousTwo friends who basically make a pack to kill each other and then bring each other back to life in order to get extraordinary abilities. Victor and Eli met in college and conducted a research, which says that under the right conditions you can gain “magical” abilities. Again, like Wicked, this book is filled with morally grey characters and really makes you question your own definition of good and evil and of what defines a protagonist and an antagonist. The writing, as always with Victoria Schwab, is phenomenal and the story is magical and sometimes a tiny bit disturbing and the whole concept of EO (Extraordinaries) was amazing. I really, really enjoyed this book! This will keep you hooked from start to finish.


#5: “Queen of Shadows” by Sarah J. Maas
QoSNow the thing is – I’m really not enjoying this series as a whole all that much anymore if it weren’t for one character and the storyline surrounding said character. And that is Manon. I FUCKING LOVE Manon with all my heart and soul! If it weren’t for her and her wyvern and her witches, I would have probably stopped reading this series after Heir of Fire, because I cannot stand any more of Celaena or Aelin or whatever the fuck she wants to call herself now. She’s become so incredibly annoying and conceited and just makes my skin crawl! And then, alas, Manon to the rescue! Like Elphaba, she might be depicted as somebody who is inherently completely evil and ruthless and, let’s be real, she’s fucking cruel! But then again, especially in her interactions with her wyvern and her witches you can see her softer side and her loyalty to the people she values most and I just really fucking love her so much!

What were some of your favourite reads from last year? Part two will be up soon, I promise, and until then….
I hope you’re having a great day, lovely humans!

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8 thoughts on “The Greatest Hits of 2015 – Part I: The Books

  1. loved vicious as well! Wicked is good too, though not a personal favourite i think (i kinda feel like I need to reread it to get some more out of it..)
    both Elijah’s Mermaid & The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin sound like books that i would love.
    still not sure if i want to read the Throne of Glass series though.. I wasn’t all that interested in it at first, btu seeing all the love for it does make me a little curious.

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