Rewind Reading Style 2015

I know, I know – it’s been a while… Life has been a bit of a bitch and interfered with the bloggershpere… I hang my head in shame so can we please, like, pretend that the last couple of months didn’t happen? Please!!?? Can we still be friends? Yeah? Cool!

Since the year has come to a close (holy shit that went by fast) I decided to take a look back at what I read throughout 2015. I made checklists and pie charts and everything! Fancy AF!

It wasn’t the greatest of reading years for me since it was filled with one gigantic reading slump after the other. The last couple of months I haven’t picked up a single book and actually enjoyed reading it, let alone finished one. I did reach my goodreads goal of 65 by reading 70 books, but in all honesty I’m not very proud of that number. And you’ll see why in a minute.

So let’s get down to business and crunch some numbers. Or actually, you can look at the numbers because I already did all the crunching for you..

Pie Chart_1First I decided to take a look at the authors I read. I never pay attention to gender or race or sexuality when picking out books to read so I never consciously make the decision to read diversely or read more female authors or more authors with an LGBT background, et cetera et cetera. I know it’s a very popular and dare I say “trendy” thing to do right now in the bookish universe and if you choose to pick your reading pleasures by those standards I tip my hat to you, because honestly, I’d love to read more diversely, but for me in the end the most important thing is the content. I pick my books based on whether or not the story sounds exciting to me.

Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised by how evenly the genders are distributed this year. I read nearly equally as much works written by women as I did by men. I usually tend to gravitate more towards the dudes, so this was nice to see.

Pie Chart_2I then looked at the different genres I read and this is where my discontent for my 70 books comes in. I read 34 books that fall into the “Sequential Arts” category, so Graphic Novels and Mangas. That’s nearly half of all the books I read last year. Granted some of them were huge, for example “From Hell” with over 600 pages, but most of those had the usual 120 – 160 pages. That’s not a lot. According to goodreads I read a total of 18312 pages. Like I said… Not a lot… Even though I just said that this bugs me a little, I’m not ashamed of that gigantic chunk of Graphic Novels I read because I really fucking enjoy them! I did a course at university entirely dedicated to Graphic Novels last spring/summer and ever since then I’m in love! So I will continue to devour those, but I will also actively try to tear myself away from them and read more from other genres.

Pie Chart_3Lastly I looked at my overall ratings and again, I’m really surprised. I thought they would be way worse because I had a feeling that I read a lot of shitty books this year. Maybe that’s because I read most of those in the latter part of the year. In actuality the biggest chunk of my books were all 4/5 or 3/5 ratings, which is pretty darn good.

So that was my not so glorious reading year of 2015. I’m excited to see what 2016 will bring especially because I think I know the reason for my many reading slumps last year and I think there are some changes in my reading habits afoot.

How was your reading year? Are you happy with the books you read? Did you set yourself a goal? Did you reach it? And what are your reading goals or just general goals in life for 2016? Let me know!

I hope you have a wonderful day, lovely humans!

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8 thoughts on “Rewind Reading Style 2015

      1. Mir gefällt es schon, aber es hat zwei Nachteile: 1. Keinen Header (der hat mir beim alten voll gut gefallen bei dir :-)) und 2. man muss die Beiträge nicht anklicken um zu lesen (ich weiß aber nicht, ob man das nicht beim alten auch nicht musste…)
        Der Vorteil ist halt, dass es sehr übersichtlich ist 🙂

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      2. Beim alten hat man auch nix anklicken müssen… Was ich eigentlich will aber ich find keines mit dem Feature, das mir gfallt… 😦 Das mit dem Header is auch so eine Sache… Irgendwie geht er mir ab aber irgendwie bin ich froh dass ich ihn los bin.. 😉 Mal schauen… vielleicht änder ich noch was dran…

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      3. Das mit dem Header ist eh nur voll subjektiv von mir, weil ich die halt voll gerne mag. Aber wenn du ihn nicht sehr vermisst, dann passt das schon 😀
        Wichtig ist, dass du jetzt wieder bloggst 😉

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