August & September Book Haul

Holy smokes, I realised it’s been quite a while since I hauled some books. And I got A LOT of them in the past two months, so as a coy little “Hi there, I’m sorry for neglecting you and I hope you’re not too mad at me” post, I thought I’d do a good, old-fashioned book haul! Yay!

All the books froAugust and September Book Haulm top to bottom:

And now for the graphic novels:

2015 seems to be the “Year of the Graphic Novel” for me. I really fell in love with this medium. It’s also great when you’re stuck in a reading slump (as I am right now 😓), because they’re rather short and filled with action and colour! Since books seem to put me to sleep lately again, reading graphic novels is awesome because all the gorgeous artwork and the butt-kicking and sassiness (oh, Hannah… *googlyeyes*) keep me hooked to the end.

I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, lovely humans!



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