TBR Pressure

Jeez you have so many unread books. I can’t believe you haven’t read that yet! I mean you had this for ages! And that one too! Oh, and I can’t believe you haven’t read this one yet either! And yet you keep buying new books. Don’t you wanna read all the books you own first?

Frankly? No, I don’t. I quite like the fact that I can walk over to my bookshelf anytime I want and be able to pull something out that I haven’t read yet. But then again, when I look over to my shelves and see all the books in there that I bought ages ago and still haven’t opened, I feel quite a lot of pressure to try and spend every free second of my day reading so when people come over and say, “oh, what’s this about, this looks interesting,” I no longer have to answer with, “well I haven’t read that yet, sorry”, “no sorry I haven’t read that one yet either”, “nope, also haven’t read that one”.

TBR TimeSometimes the sheer amount of books I own and haven’t read is a bit overwhelming to me and according to Read it Forward’s TBR Time Calculator as of right now it’s gonna take me two years to read all of my unread books. That is of course if I don’t buy any new ones and if I read at least 80 books per year.

It might not sound like a lot, but reading 80 books in one year is quite the daunting number when you’re having as bad of a reading year as I am having so far. It seems that 2015 is basically one big reading slump.

Another thing that turns up the TBR pressure a notch is seeing some people doing monthly Wrap Ups of 15 books and up. How on earth are you doing this? How are you reading 15 books in only four weeks? I know I shouldn’t let things like this get to me, but I do feel quite envious I have to admit! If I ever get bitten by a radioactive spider, that’s the superpower I want to get please! But everyone is different and everyone has different reading speeds and habits, and even though our TBRs might seem like Everest to us now, we’ll all manage to climb to the top one day.

Twilight_4How about you? How big is your TBR pile? Do you feel pressured to get it down and read tons of books in one month? And do you feel disappointed with yourself if you only manage to read three, or two, or maybe even just one book a month? Or are you cool as a cucumber about all of this?

Also, I will be in Germany until Monday and I have no idea what the internet situation will be like. I hope I get to talk to you guys and gals, but if not I will see you in six days!

I hope you have a wonderful evening, lovely humans!



25 thoughts on “TBR Pressure

  1. Wie immer, wenn andere Leute mehr schaffen, unterstelle ich ihnen ganz einfach, dass DIE kein Leben haben 😉 Vielleicht hilft dir das auch irgendwie 😀

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      1. Achso ok… Aber eigentlich ist es nur realistisch 🙂 weil wie kann man sonst so viel Zeit mit lesen verbringen, wenn man auch andere Dinge tut. Das ist nicht böse gemeint, auch wenn es so klingt 😉

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  2. Haha I did the calculation and it will take me SIX YEARS to finish my tbr pile, and that’s not even counting most of the sequels lol XD Guess I’ll be the old cat lady with bookshelves as high as my ceiling 😀


  3. Mine is soooooo bad. And of course, I keep buying them. Plus I have close to 70 books on my Kindle too. I don’t get how they read 15 + books in a month either!!! Do you eat? Sleep? Wear a diaper for the bathroom? No work? No socializing or watching TV? I just don’t understand…I should do the calculator when I get home

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      1. I know, if I stopped by new books for maybe a couple of months in a row and I would be able to take a decent chunk out of the pile. But that will never happen – it’s impossible!!!

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  4. I’ve joked to my friends about the reading calculation thing, telling them that it wouldn’t be able to calculate correctly for me, because I’m going on the Zeno’s paradox way (I’ll complete half my TBR and half after that and it’ll never end because I’ll just keep adding more books, lol). Provided I don’t add anymore books, it’s saying I will get done in a little over three years, haha. I’ve since stopped feeling too guilty about not having read everything in my personal library, and I avoid wrapup posts solely because I know I probably amount to 4-5 books a month on average, and that’s me NOT on a reading slump. I do feel some pressure though, and that’s usually when my friends have read the same book and would really like to discuss it with me. Then I try to read the book asap.

    And ooh, have fun in Germany! I was there on vacation a month back and had a blast 😀

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    1. It’s the buying of all the books that makes this virtually impossible for everyone I think… 😉
      4-5 books a month is what I normally read as well, which to some might seem a big number but I’m a fast reader so that’s nothing, but I made a little deal with myself that I say something about every single book I read this year. So some of my wrap ups only consist of three books… 😉
      Thank you so much. 🙂

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  5. I seen this floating around Twitter and decided to give it a try.
    So my results were if I read 50 books a year and my count was 400 books (that I own), it would take me 8 years to finish them!
    I also did with my entire Goodreads list (which was like 600 books) and it was 12 years! lmao.
    I also buy books like crazy, so really, I think it’ll be neverending! haha.

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  6. I currently have around 50 unread books and could read them all within about half a year. (when not buying any new ones)
    Looking at it like that I actually don’t really mind that number. Half a year can go by so fast!
    However i would still like to have less unread books on my shelves. I don’t necessarily feel tbr pressure, but I tend to get overwhelmed by them. By having lot’s of stuff in general actually.
    While I don’t think I could ever be a minimalist, I like the idea of not having so much stuff, especially stuff that doesn’t really mean anything to me. and somehow unread books kind of go into that category for me.

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    1. It’s similar for me. I tent to be a bit of a hoarder, but I feel happier with less needless stuff. I recently did quite a big clean out of clothes and make up and trinkets and also my books. I still have 186 books that I haven’t read yet, but I know for sure I WILL read them. Opposed to the others I got rid of…

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      1. Got rid of so much stuff early spring this year!
        especially clothes, I had so much stuff that I never wore, because it didn’t look good (anymore).
        I did have to keep a couple of things until I find a replacement for them though.. (really need to get a good wintercoat!)

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