Bout of Books 14.0 – Fictional World Travel Challenge

Today is the first day of BoB 14.0! How are you all doing? Howโ€™s the reading going for you so far? Mine is going gloriously bad, but Iโ€™m optimistic! ๐Ÿ˜…

I decided to participate in todayโ€™s challenge, which is hosted by Leann. Youโ€™re supposed to list three to books of fiction that take place in countries other than the one you currently reside in. I decided to pick six books that I havenโ€™t read yet, that take place in six countries Iโ€™ve already visited.

Bout of Books_1โ€œThe Somnambulistโ€ by Essie Fox for England.

โ€œThe Girl with the Dragon Tattooโ€ by Stieg Larsson for Sweden.

โ€œWe, the Drownedโ€ by Carsten Jensen for Denmark.

โ€œSputnik Sweetheartโ€ by Haruki Murakami for Greece.

โ€œThe Elegance of the Hedgehogโ€ by Muriel Barbery for France.


โ€œThe Miniaturistโ€ by Jesse Burton for the Netherlands.

Have you read any of these books or visited any of these countries? If so, tell me about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you have a wonderful evening, lovely humans!



13 thoughts on “Bout of Books 14.0 – Fictional World Travel Challenge

  1. I’ve read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, been to France, and would love to both read Sputnik Sweetheart and visit Greece. I wish I wasn’t so busy this week, or I would have for sure done this read a thon. Good luck catching up with the rest of BoB!

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  2. I love your photo for this challenge! So creative! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve visited all places except for Sweden… (I grew up in The Netherlands, so that country doesn’t really count haha.) Greece is my favorite of the bunch! I love LOVE the Greek Islands; they’re so beautiful!

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      1. That sounds so great! I wish I would have visited more of the Greek Islands while I was still living in Europe… Plane tickets from Argentina are really expensive.

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