Two More Liebster Awards

Liebster AwardI was nominated twice for the Liebster award, once quite some time ago by Holly (I’m so very sorry it took me so long to do this!) and two days ago by Nicole. Now, since Nicole is a fellow Austrian this will once again be a bilingual post. Or better put, HER part will be the bilingual one.

Thanks for the love, ladies! Please go and pay them a visit and say hi. Both girls are quite wonderful!

As for the rules:
– Mention and thank the blogger who nominated you.
– Answer the previous blogger’s questions.
– Ask 11 questions.
– Nominate 11 bloggers.

Holly’s Questions:

What is your favourite…
#1: …outdoor activity: Sitting in a café with friends and doing some people watching.
#2: …drink: Coffee! In any way, shape, or form!
#3: …food: Burgers! In any way, shape, or form!
#4: …relaxation spot: My bed.
#5: …song: “Time Is Running Out” by Muse.
#6: …movie: “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”.
#7: …book: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.
#8: …memory: It’s a very recent one. I did a project for university and when we presented it, a friend came along. Afterwards, she sent me a message telling me she was proud of me. I don’t hear that often, or rather at all actually, and it made me so very happy! I know you’re probably reading this so thank you! That meant a lot to me!
#9: …colour: All of the greys!
#10: …pastime: Reading books and watching TV.
#11: …article of clothing: Currently it’s a pair of dark grey high waisted jeans from H&M.

Nicole’s Questions:

#1: Wie sieht dein perfekter Sommer aus? // What does your perfect summer look like?

– Nicht zu heiß, nicht zu kalt, mit Freunden zusammen sein, lesen und mindestens einen längeren Urlaub irgendwo am Meer machen.
– Not too hot, not too cold, spend time with friends, read, and spend at least one longer holiday somewhere at the ocean.


#2: Was stellst du dir unter einem “idealen” Blog vor? // What is an “ideal” blog like for you?

– Das wichtigste für mich ist Authentizität! Ich muss spüren, dass du aufrichtig bist und dass du liebst, was du tust.
– The most important thing for me is authenticity! I need to feel that you’re real and that you love what you’re doing.


#3: Könntest du dir vorstellen, jemals wieder ohne deinen Blog zu leben? // Can you image to ever live without your blog again?

– Vorstellen kann ich mir das schon, ja, aber diese Vorstellung ist keine wirklich schöne.
– I can image that, yes, but that thought is not a very pleasing one.


#4: Was fasziniert dich an den Menschen bzw. der Gesellschaft? // What is fascinating about the people or the society to you?

– Ich find’s faszinierend, dass du manchmal einen Menschen triffst, und dieser Mensch irgendwie, auch wenn du anfangs dauerhaft seinen Namen vergisst, zu einem wahnsinnig guten Freund wird. Ich frag mich immer wieder wie sowas eigentlich passiert?
– I find it fascinating that sometimes you meet a person and somehow that person, even though in the beginnings you always forget their name, ends up becoming a very good friend. I still ask myself how on earth that even happens?


#5: Was findest du an dir selbst interessant? // What do you find interesting about yourself?

– Absolut nichts.
– Absolutely nothing.


#6: Was findest du an dir selbst langweilig? // What do you find boring about yourself?

– Absolut alles. (Merkt man, dass ich ein  niedriges Selbstwertgefühl hab? Weil ich merk’s total. 😂)
– Absolutely everything. (Can you tell I have very low self esteem? Coz I sure can. 😂)


#7: Was würdest du an der Welt verändern, wenn du könntest? // If you could, what would you change about the world?

Terrific Answer Dass der ganze grundlose Hass und die ganze grundlose Gewalt endlich von diesem Planeten verschwinden würden, und wir in Frieden und ohne Angst zusammenleben könnten. Im Prinzip Weltfrieden also. Gott, was für eine Schönheitswettbewerbs Antwort. Eklig kitschig.
– That all this unfounded hatred and violence would finally vanish from this planet and we could live together in peace and without fear. Basically world peace. God, what a beauty pageant answer. Grossly cheesy.


#8: Wie würdest du dich selbst beschreiben? Egal ob innerlich oder äußerlich – oder beides. // How would you describe yourself? Doesn’t matter if you describe your personality or your looks – or both.

– Braunhaarige, blauäugige, Koffeinbesessene Frau, die sich laufend in fiktive Charaktere verknallt.
– Brown-haired, blue-eyed, caffeine-obsessed female, who regularly falls in love with fictional characters.


#9: Wie hast du meinen Blog gefunden? // How did you find my blog?

– Wir haben zusammen gearbeitet und sind anschließend bei einem “Karibikzauber” im Season’s irgendwie auf das Thema Blogs und bloggen gekommen.
– We worked together and somehow got to the topic of blogs and blogging during a lovely “Charm of the Caribbean” at Season’s afterwards.


#10: Wie lange bloggst du schon? // For how long have you been blogging now?

– Seit März 2014.
– Since March 2014.


#11: Fällt dir die letzte Frage zu stellen auch immer am schwersten? // Do you always find it hardest to think of the last question too?

– Immer!
– Always!

Now for my questions, I decided to do a little bookish “would you rather”.

Twilight_3Would you rather…
#1: …be a professional author or a professional reviewer?
#2: …work in a library or own a bookstore?
#3: …wash Snape’s hair or serve detention with Lockhart?
#4: …read everything BUT your favourite genre, or exclusively read your favourite genre?
#5: …live at Hogwarts or the London Institute?
#6: …only read physical copies or only read ebooks?
#7: …participate in the Hunger Games or the Scorpio Races?
#8: …have your favourite book read to you by Sir Ian McKellen or Morgan Freeman?
#9: …choose Erudite or Amity?
#10: …want to get drunk on Butterbeer or Firewhisky?
#11: …exclusively read female or male authors?

And here are my nominations. This time I chose people, whom I haven’t really interacted with and talked to much, if at all, but who’s blogs I really like:

#1: Blaise
#2: Brandie
#3: Jade
#4: Joey
#5: Myrthe
#6, 7 & 8: Olivia, Sarah & Megan
#9: Precious
#10: Shelumiel
#11: Syc


Thank you so much again to Holly & Nicole! This took me quite a while, but it was really fun! If you’re not tagged, but would like to play my little game of bookish “Would You Rather” anyways, please feel free to do so and link me to your posts! I’d love to read your answers!

As always, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovely humans!



12 thoughts on “Two More Liebster Awards

  1. Sehr coole Antworten 🙂
    Und es freut mich echt riesig, dass du dich soooo gefreut hast. Auch wenn ich nur die Wahrheit gesagt habe 😉
    Antwort 5 und 6 bei meinen Fragen stimmt nicht 😛

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