July Wrap Up – Part I

July was a good reading month for me, which is why I’m splitting this up in two parts. Part will be up very soon, so be on the lookout for that and now without further ado, let’s get started.
Coraline#1: “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman

Rating: 3/5

This man is rapidly becoming one of my favourite authors! His writing is extremely beautiful and his characters are through the bench amazing. I’ve heard wonderful things about Coraline, but I have to say to me this was a bit underwhelming. It’s the story about a girl, who discovers a door and behind that door her second family. Everything looks the same, the house and the people, her toys and clothes are much nicer than here too, but her parents seem to be very different.
Like I said, true Neil Gaiman style, it’s beautifully written and at times the story was very creepy, but it didn’t suck me in as much as for example “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” did.

Sailor Moon 4#2: “Sailor Moon, Vol. 4” by Naoko Takeuchi

Rating: 3/5

God knows, I love that series! It was my favourite on TV when I was a kid. This volume sees the introduction of two new characters, one of which I LOVE and the other I LOATHE! It’s Pluto (yay) and Chibiusa (nay)! Even back when I was first watching the manga, I already didn’t like her character and her arc. I have a big problem with the “little annoying sister” trope (Dawn Summers, ugh!) and I always thought there could be no character more annoying than dear Sailor Moon herself. I stand corrected.
However, Pluto is introduced in this volume and she is one of my absolute favourites! I like the Inner Senshis, but I adore the Outers and soon the rest of them will be introduced and I can’t wait!

The Pirates Wish#3: “The Pirate’s Wish” by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Rating: 3/5

Like the first part of this duology, “The Assassin’s Curse”, I liked this story, but yet again it was very predictable. It’s your standard fantasy story line: three impossible tasks that need solving in order to break the curse that binds our assassin, Naji, and our Pirate, Ananna, together. The romance was very well done, again. It was realistically written and not too in your face! I ADORED the side characters in this part, though!
Marjani (hooraaaaaay for a queer and really well written character and relationship!) and the Manticore (a fuzzy, purring, man eating gigantic kitten you say? yes please!), together with Manon from “Heir of Fire”, are my trifecta of most loved side characters ever.
All in all, even though both books were predictable, this was an entertaining read and a very satisfying conclusion to the duology.

The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin#4: “The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin” by Colette Moody

Rating: 5/5

YES!! This was fantastic! Pirates and lesbians and lesbian pirates!
A pirate crew are in need of a surgeon after a battle that left lots of the men wounded, including the captain, so they want to take the local Doctor with them. However the dear Doctor is a bit if a coward and is hiding away when he hears the pirates entering his home, so instead they kidnap his fiancé Celia, who is a seamstress. Celia patches the pirates back up and then decides to stay on board the “Original Sin”, who is now under the command of the captain’s daughter, Gayle.
This story had everything – gruesome and bloody sea battles, tender moments and some sexy times! You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, because you’re laughing so hard! It’s a fantastic read and I thoroughly enjoyed this!
This is all for now, otherwise this post would get way too long! The second part will be up very soon though.
I hope you have a wonderful day, lovely humans!



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