Another Belated Wrap Up – Yay for May

I feel quite ashamed about this one. I don’t even want to admit the number of books I read.

Ok… Alright… It’s three. I read three books in the entire month of May.

It weren’t even books with a lot of words in them. All three were graphic novels and all three of them were for my literature course at university. So basically this wasn’t even reading for pleasure, but reading purely because I had to. I was actually debating rather long whether or not I wanted to even put this up since I didn’t particularly enjoy any of the three and therefore don’t really have a lot to say about them. However, I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to share at least a couple of my thoughts on every book I read throughout the year. So here it goes:


Maus#1: “The Complete Maus” by Art Spiegelman

Rating: 3/5

This was kind of all right, but kind of really not that interesting to me. The writing was pretty annoying mostly because most of the conversations were written in broken English and the art style was not that appealing to me. It was very hard to tell all the different people apart because they all looked very similar. Some of the scenes, especially in the concentration camps were really horrific and did make me quite sad, but when it comes to WWII literature and especially literature about concentration camps I’m pretty hard to please. I’ve read a lot of books concerning that topic and most of them were far better than this one. It was quite all right all in all, but definitely not one of my favourites.


American Widow#2: “American Widow” by Alissa Torres

 Rating: 1/5

This one! This book infuriated me! When I heard the premise I was kinda looking forward to picking this up, because I’ve never read any literature dealing with 9/11 and I thought it’s gonna be sad and devastating. I mean the poor woman lost her husband in the attacks on the World Trade centre when she was eight months pregnant with their first child. Instead, however, all I felt for her was undiluted hatred!

She came across as whiny and annoying and ungrateful. All she did was bitch and moan about how she wanted to leave her husband and about how annoying all the attention was she suddenly got as a pregnant 9/11 widow (which, granted, I can understand) and about how useless the social workers are. The feel of the book was also a little bit off. It seemed a bit as a lot of short stories put together into one big book. Maybe it would have read better if it was published as several novellas, but alas…


Southland Tales#3: “Southland Tales: The Prequel Saga” by Brett Weldele

Rating: 2/5

What in the fuck is this? I have no idea what is going on and who everybody is? What happened to the child who could literally make the earth shake with its farts? And why is there a floating ice cream truck? I don’t understand… Even the combination of reading the book and watching the movie didn’t make tings clearer for me at all. All I know is that this entire thing left me thoroughly confused and seriously questioning my intelligence.

Also: Buffy playing a porn star named Krysta Now and singing about how teen horniness is not a crime is my favourite thing in the whole entire world!


Well, this my glorious May Wrap Up. I hang my head in shame. I do however plan on compensating this measly monthly wrap up by putting up some impressions and pictures for you from the first couple of days of my trip to Portugal tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for those.

I hope you have a wonderful night, lovely humans!




7 thoughts on “Another Belated Wrap Up – Yay for May

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  2. Still a little unsure how I feel about maus. did I love it because i really loved it or was it because i felt like i had to love it..?

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    1. I had the same initial thought after finishing it… I thought I had to love it so I did rate it way higher right after finishing it. But once we discussed it in class and I thought about it some more I realised that I actually really didn’t like it as much as I thought…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. actually rated it 5+favourite initially, recently lowered to 4. i think i’ll leave it at that for now, maybe i’ll know for sure how i feel if/when i reread it..

        Liked by 1 person

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