Another Liebster Award – Part II

Liebster Award

Here we go, people! Part two of the Liebster Award – woho! You can refresh your memory of part one here and now without further ado, let’s continue! Hey that rhymes a bit…


#7: Was findest du auf menschlicher Ebene abstoßend? / What do you find repulsive on a human level?

Ziemlich einfache Antwort, die keiner großartigen Erklärung bedarf: Unehrlichkeit und Respektlosigkeit.

Pretty basic answer that doesn’t really require any sort of explanation: dishonesty and disrespect.


#8: Was machen gute Freunde für dich aus? / What, in your eyes, makes a good friend?

The Fox and The HoundGute Freunde sind Leute, auf die ich mich immer verlassen kann egal was kommt. Die wissen, dass ich manchmal ein ziemliches Arschloch sein kann, die aber mich trotzdem noch gern haben und nicht gleich Reißaus nehmen wenn’s mal ein bisschen unangenehm wird und wenn sie merken, dass eine Freundschaft mit mir manchmal ein bisschen mehr Arbeit bedeutet um mich aus meiner Zurückgezogenheit rauszubekommen.

Good friends are people, whom I can always rely on, no matter what happens. They are people, who know that I can be a massive asshole sometimes, but who will still be there and love me regardless and don’t just vanish into thin air when they realise that being my friend sometimes means having to work a bit harder to get me out of my reclusiveness.


#9: Worauf könntest du am leichtesten für immer verzichten? / What could you easily live without forever?

Gibt’s da spezielle Einschränkungen? Oder darf ich da einfach alles auf der Welt miteinbeziehen? Technik? Essen? Trinken? Gefühle? Menschen? Ich hätt da einige Menschen im Kopf auf die ich getrost verzichten könnte. Aber gut, ich werd vermeiden, persönlich zu werden und sag ganz einfach das erste, was mir in den Kopf geschossen ist: Alkohol. Ich hätt absolut keine Probleme damit, nie wieder Alkohol zu trinken.

Are there any specific restrictions that apply here? Or can I include everything in the whole wide world? Technology? Food? Drink? Feelings? People? I’d have a lot of people in mind, which I could gladly do without. But I’ll refrain from getting too personal and just say the very first thing that came to mind: alcohol. I’d have absolutely no problem with never drinking alcohol ever again.


Feminism#10: Was hältst du von Feminismus? / How do you feel about feminism?

Er wird gebraucht. Dringend!

It’s needed. Badly


#11: Welche Frage würdest du als 11. stellen? / Which question would you put as number 11?

Warum zum Teufel ist da eine verschissene Fliege in meinem Kaffee??

Why in the world is there a motherfucking fly in my coffee??


Puh, this took an insanely long time… Not because I answered everything twice, but because I really had to think about some of these. Danke für das gute Gehirntraining, Nicole! 💕

Also for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to English from now on.


Now for my nominations:

#1: Alyssa

#2: Ashley

#3: Joey

#4: Rachel

#5: Shelbie


And what I would like you to answer for me:

#1: What was the biggest accomplishment in your life so far?

#2: What is your dream job and what are you doing to achieve it?

#3: What is the one thing you would do, if you had the guarantee that you couldn’t fail?

#4: If you had to pick one genre of literature to read for the rest of your life, which would it be? Why?

#5: What is the most important quality in a partner for you?

#6: … and in lieu with question #5: Who’s your perfect bookish boyfriend or girlfriend? Why?

#7: Why did you start blogging?

#8: Who is the first person you turn to, when you need advice?

#9: Are you happy?

#10: … and to expand on question #9: If there is one decision you made that severely impacted how the course of your life went, good or bad, and you had the chance to go back and change it, would you do it?

#11: Jeez this got deep! Quick – Tits or ass? (extra points for getting the reference… 😋)


Thank you for sticking with me and this extensively long post! I hope you have a wonderful day, lovely humans!



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