Wow Dude… That Was Harsh!

As someone who can’t really deal very well with criticism, be it constructive or not, I really know how to dish it out! I’m working on a pretty big group project for a course at university right now and my inability to handle criticism is being a pretty big bitch right now. I have no problem happily telling other people what I think they did wrong or could have done differently, but gurl – you better not turn the tables on me!

And that made me think about some of the reviews I wrote and ratings I gave out to some books.

Everyone Gets A Car

Where I used to give my ratings pretty generously in the past, I got extremely picky over the last year. Basically it went from all perfect scores to big fat zeros all around. Apparently I got some problems figuring out a middle ground here.

On the other hand though there is no middle ground to figure out. I got more selective and critical of what I read and isn’t that actually a good thing? As a reviewer you’re supposed to give your honest opinion about a book and if that opinion happens to be pretty fucking bad than that’s just it. Everyone enjoys different things and everyone is entitled to not like something whilst other people may love it dearly.

I used to always take the authors and their feelings into account too when rating and reviewing a book. You wrote a book and that probably took you a fucking long time so what right do I have to shit all over it with my negativity. Sometimes it makes me feel so bad when I give a low rating because I personally would feel so crushed when something I spent years on
perfecting and where I poured in my sweat and tears and my heart and soul gets shredded to pieces by somebody you don’t even know.

Then again, I don’t want to pretend. I don’t want to offer my opinion on something when I’m not being completely honest. I want to be able to express myself however I want and say whatever I feel without being reprimanded for it or feeling bad about it.

Stating your honest opinion is perfectly fine! And in return having people telling you what they honestly think of your work is fine too, be it good or bad. And that is something I really need to work on still….

How do you guys handle this predicament? Assuming you have that problem as well? Do you tell it as it is or do you sometimes sugarcoat some things as to not be too harsh?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovely humans!



9 thoughts on “Wow Dude… That Was Harsh!

  1. Great post! I agree with you, bad rating reviews are a loose lose situation! On one hand, I want to be generous but lie to my readers. And on the other hand I want to tell the truth but risk an angry publisher/author!

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  2. For me, it really depends on what the work is. If I’m working with a student (I’m a tutor) I try to sugarcoat it a little bit because my goal is to build up the student’s confidence, not to tear it down. If I’m writing a review of a book I read, I do my best to be fair–I emphasize things like “I feel” statements, because I want to emphasize that I’m only one opinion of many.

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    1. Tutoring is completely different.. I sugercoat too when I work with students, but I think it should be a a given that everything aid in a review I write is my opinion and mine alone and that I don’t want to offend anyone… But like yourself I try to bring in as many “I think”, “I feel”, “to me” statements as possible to make that clear…

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  3. Kritik soll angeblich immer wertschätzend sein… Das haben wir Mal in einem Kurs gelernt: zuerst sagen, was man toll findet und dann mit dem einlenken, was das Gegenüber besser machen kann…. Und alles immer von der “Ich”-Perspektive sagen.. Also niemals mit “du” formulieren… Wie es bei mir in der Praxis aussieht, ist ein bissl anders 😀

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