The Great Book Purge of 2k15

When this year started I set myself some goals concerning my reading and book buying habits. I don’t know if you can remember, so for reference you can check that post out here. One of the goals I set myself was to get rid of some of the books I know I will never read. I tried doing that, which led to another post about how magnificently I failed in that task, which you can read here.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please ………

I give you “The Great Book Purge of 2k15”!Book Purge_5

*Fanfares are sounding accompanied by a chorus of angels singing “Hallelujah”*

Technically this purge is not solely limited to books. I gave away or sold a lot of my shit! Clothes, shoes, CDs, DVDs, old documents no one needs… And in doing so I realised just how much of a creature of habit I am. I cling onto things because they’ve always been there and I’m so used to having them, and not because they actually mean something to me.

So over the course of the past four months I severely de-cluttered my life.

And it feels good!

Book Purge_3Let’s focus on the bookish aspect of my purge. I have to admit that it was very hard at first. I get so attached to my things in general and especially to my books, so getting rid of them was not an easy thing to do for me. But I took a step back and really asked myself why I keep them all. I knew I own a lot of books I never plan to read. Or books I really hated and therefore will never want to read again. And all of them are just taking up so much space. Space that I might not have for very much longer, since my plans of moving out are still very much alive. And let’s face it – renting a flat on your own is pretty fucking pricy, so the chances of me being able to take every single thing I own with me are fairly slim.

Book Purge_4The purge happened in stages. First a book here, then a book there and then I took EVERYTHING off my shelves and really looked at every single book. Which then made me realise another thing about myself – I’m really fucking pretentious! I always felt pride in owning such a huge collection of books. It also made me feel proud that I owned so many classics. For illustrative purposes let’s look at what conversations with people would be like:


  • “Oh you only own 50 books. Wow, well I own about 700. But it’s been a long time since I counted them, (total lie) so I’m not quite sure.”
  • “Oh you don’t own any Shakespeare or Jane Austen. Well I own all their respective works (without ever having actually read them).”
  • “Why yes of course I can recommend you a book from my collection. *holds up random fancy looking book* This one is really good (I’ve only managed to read about half of it though and even that half went straight over my head).”


Book Purge_1And this, lovely humans, is NOT OKAY!

It’s okay to feel pride about owning something you love, but it’s not okay to be a pretentious little shit about things you only really keep so you can brag about them. See, it would be perfectly fine if I had actually really read – or at least really wanted to read – all the books on my shelves, but that’s not the case. The only reason I kept them all was because people are often commenting with some awe on the sheer amount I owned and that made me feel really good.

So when I looked at all the books scattered on my floor I decided that I no longer wanted to be that kind of person who brags about the amount of things she owns. I’d rather have good conversations about the stories I actually read and loved than talk about how I own way more books than you do.

I always thought that in order to be a good book blogger, you have to own a large amount of books. All the pictures posted by other book bloggers of their collections are insane and every BookTuber seems to own an endless amount of books, so I thought that I would need to fill my shelves to the brim as well.

Book Purge_2Owning a lot of books doesn’t make you a good book blogger though. It doesn’t matter if you own 20 books or 120 or 200. Writing about the books you love is what matters! When you write about something you care about, it’s bound to be a success.


Having pretty looking shelves is just a bonus.


I hope you have a wonderful day, lovely humans!



19 thoughts on “The Great Book Purge of 2k15

  1. I have to admit I kept books on my shelf to show them off to people when they came over, to make myself look good. So silly! Glad I’m not the only one to have done this sort of thing.


  2. I’ve been decluttering a lot as well these past few months
    Always thought I love havind stuff, but lately I’ve realised that while I will never be a minimalist (especially when it comes to things like books), I don’t love having a bunch of stuff that means absolutely nothing to me.


  3. I just went through mine and got rid of a ton! I put some of the ones I have read in tote along with some I hope to read but were not needed on my shelves. I need to keep reading my books and stop buying them but it is so hard! Congrats on cleaning out though. I love doing it every once in a while 😄


  4. Loved this post! Last month I set aside some books to get rid of and they’d been gathering dust in the corner. Today I ended up saving a few of them in the end! Luckily since decluttering my room, I’ve found I have a lot of extra bookshelf space ^_^


  5. Omg! You are giving away so much! If you haven’t already given the books away, let me know if you would want to do a book swap 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually I’ve sold most of them and only gave away a couple.. But I do still have some lying around at home that I no longer want to keep so if you want I can send you the titles when I get home tonight and you can see if something interests you.. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s no problem! Oh that would be great, thank you!! Absolutely love giving second hand books a new home! x


      2. Hey Alina,
        I just tried to send you an email, but for some reason it bounced back.
        Thank so you much for letting me know about being unable to do the book swap, I totally understand, and to be honest I completely forgot about shipping prices! It would be so expensive for me too, so please don’t feel bad!
        It’s the thought that counts, thank you once again! x


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