Hiatus Explained

Mushu_2Dishonour on me! And dishonour on my family! And dishonour on my cow (what up “Mulan” reference 😎)! I’ve done a very poor job taking care of you lovely humans and my lovely blog and I am so sorry!


I miss you! What’s been going on with you? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

Well I thought I should explain a little bit why I’ve gone completely off the grid. Like I briefly mentioned in my last post, my stress levels are off the charts lately. And here’s why:


#1: I’m in the process of moving out!

… Which is actually completely unnecessary, but I feel like I finally have an idea of what my own personal style looks like and I really want to realise it without having to negotiate every little piece of furniture or decoration I purchase. Also – staying out until the early morning hours will never again nag on my conscience. No more “fuck it’s 4 in the morning I’m so gonna wake everyone up when I get home, shiiiiiit!


#2: I’m apartment hunting like a pro!

Of course to make my interior design dreams come true, I need my own space. Therefore I’ve been turning myself into a total pro when it comes to looking for apartments. Seriously, tho! If you guys need a place to live I can totally hook you up with your dream abode faster than you can say, “What’s the internet situation here?” Down side to all the fun I’m having furnishing about a hundred fantasy homes however is, that it’s incredibly time consuming. Just yesterday for example I started browsing my usual sites for newcomers and then – BÄM – suddenly it was five hours later and the middle of the night and I got about three hours of sleep before I had to get up and go to Uni again.


#3: I’m on a major job hunt!

In order for #1 & #2 to actually become reality, firstly #3 needs to be implemented. I have a job where I am “marginally employed” (I hope that’s the right translation… Basically it’s a job, in which you’re not allowed to earn more than 405€ per month.), and my mom is willing to support me with some money as well, but those two combined are not enough to actually be able to afford a decent life. So I needz to getz maself a second job, pronto! Which, if all goes well, could actually become a real thing next Tuesday because I have an interview. So please, please, please send me good thoughts that day! Already shitting my pants!


#4: I’m in the beginning stages of exam season at university!

Aaaaaand to top it all off, I have a shit ton of studying and reading and writing papers to do, because the semester is coming to a close and that means ALL OF THE EXAMS are happening at once. Yay.


Add those four points up and you get a completely exhausted, intensely stressed out and majorly over-caffeinated me!


So please bear with me and my absence and total neglect of all of you! I don’t mean any harm by it and I do really miss you dearly!

I hope you have a wonderful day, lovely humans!



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