Do You Change Your Ratings?

I’ve noticed something that I tend to do and that’s changing my ratings on Goodreads (and subsequently on my reviews on here as well) of books that I finished a while ago.

It happens a lot especially when I’m reading series. When I finish the first book in a series and it’s flawless and badass I of course always go for the 5 out of 5, because to me it was a perfect read at the time I finished it. Then when I pick up the next book and I love it even more and I think it’s even better than the first one I get into a bit of a conundrum. Do I change my rating of the first book? Or do I just give this one the same rating even though in my opinion it’s better than the other book?

Silently Panicking

I think the reason I tend to change my ratings of books after a while is because sometimes it just takes a couple of days for me to let what I just read really sink in and that can cause my opinions of it to change. Another reason is, that this year I’ve decided to read more critically. I used to be very generous with my five star ratings and just threw them onto every book I read and liked and this year I’ve decided to not be so giving anymore and really think about what would warrant a 5 star read for me. So it can happen quite frequently that I go back and change a 5 star rating to a 4 star. It also tends to happen quite often that I change a 3 to a 2 or even go as low as a 1.


I think it’s a good idea sometimes to go back and reassess your feelings after finishing a book and see if your thoughts towards it have changed. I personally feel like I can’t honestly rate a book immediately after finishing it, because the excitement (or dislike) of the story clouds my judgement too much and I’m trying to be more unbiased in my ratings and reviews.

I’m very interested as to whether or not you do this as well? Do you go back and change your ratings on Goodreads or on your reviews on your blog (or anywhere else)? Or do you rate a book once and never look back again?

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, lovely humans!



14 thoughts on “Do You Change Your Ratings?

  1. I actually go through my ratings on goodreads every once in a while to see if I still agree with what I have rated the books. Like you I have become a little more critical so ratings usually only go down when I change them.
    I guess I still give out a higher rating a little easier than a lot of others, but where in the past a book that i just really liked would get a 5, it would now be a 4. I also used to feel really bad about giving a book only 3 stars, like it was a bad rating, while really it isn’t.. (and even if it is, not all books can be good/to my tasye..)

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    1. I used to feel horrible when I rated a book 3 stars.. Now I have no problem tossing around the ones though.. It’s my personal opinion and I decided to no longer super coat it when I really didn’t like a book…


  2. I usually just rate a book once and then never look again. This last week or so, I’ve actually been thinking about rating changing with some of of the books I’ve read. Strange since you just posted about it! I may go look through my read books again. I agree with the series rating now that you pointed out.

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  3. I’ve been thinking about adjusting some of my ratings. I’m kind of the opposite of you, instead of giving books high ratings, I tend to be way harsher on them. I haven’t given any book 5 stars since I started blogging. But there are a lot of books that I’ll refer to as one of my favorites and I’ve only given it 3 stars (i.e. The Raven Boys)

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  4. I’ve noticed that I have been changing my ratings lately. I have been finishing books and rating them on Goodreads when I mark them read but then later when I actually write up my full review I have been changing my rating once I was able to fully put into words what I felt about the book. Before I started blogging I tended to give a lot of books five stars but I think now if I were to go back and reread those books and try to review them I think i would be lowering the original rating.

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  5. J usually change ratings only after rereading a book or after writing the review, because I feel that a review should reflect my rating. If I have nothing absolutely no complaints, it probably deserves more than 3 stars.

    I try to be critical but I find that not all books really deserve the same scale either. I expect different things, and in some ways my ratings are related to whether my expectations are met.

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  6. Usually right after reading a book, I always make a draft on wordpress that includes the date I read it and the rating I thought it deserved after reading. But by no means does the rating remain the same. However, after I publish the post and my review on goodreads I do tend to leave them unchanged. I do remember the end of last year where I went on a rerating spree on goodreads though! Most of them were books I read as a kid and never reviewed. I really liked this idea of a post, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. I also immediately make notes and do the “pending” rating afterwards.. Mostly the notes little snippets on my phone or just or a notepad. I just want my immediate reaction written down somewhere for later reference.. Recently it tends to be a lot of “WTFs” and “OMGs”. 😉 But like yourself – my opinion and my rating tends to change over time…

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.. 🙂 🙂

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