The Bookshelf Tour

Or as it probably should be called “looking for any kind of reason to show off my newly painted and organised bookshelf!

I started the “Paintin’ Mah Bookshelf” project on Thursday afternoon last week and I’m finally completely done. It required a lot more effort than I initially thought it would. The entire shelf had to be sanded down twice, once with a rough sanding paper and then with a finer one. That part alone took me nearly two hours.

Then I could finally start with the first coat of paint. Each painting session took me about one and a half to two hours and needed to dry for 12 hours before the next coat could be applied. Since the original red colour of the bookshelf was pretty strong it took me three coats of paint to get to the dark chocolate brown colour I wanted it to be. So in the end it took three days of painting and one day of letting everything completely dry through until the shelf could finally be put up again and all my bookish babies could move into their new home.

So here it is! My newly dressed, beautiful main shelf!

Bookshelf TourBookshelf TourBookshelf Tour

Shelf #1 is my Children’s Literature and YA Contemporary shelf.

Shelves #2 & #3 are filled with Adult Fiction.

Shelves #4 & #5 are my Dystopian Fiction and Fantasy.

Shelf #6 is my Non Fiction and Modern Classics shelf.

Shelf #7 houses my Thrillers, Crime Novels and Mystery Novels and my Lesbian Literature.

Shelf #8 is a German shelf and it’s a mixture of Thrillers and YA Literature.

Shelf #9 houses some of my German Children’s Literature.

Shelf #10 has all my vacation beach reads otherwise known as Chick Lit.

Shelf #11 has some notebooks and in the box are my CDs. And usually my kindle has its home on that shelf as well, but it’s currently tucked in my bag because I have a long evening/night of working ahead of me.

And shelf #12 is chucked full with all my Buffy the Vampire Slayer books. It’s one of my all-time favourite TV shows so I collected everything I could get my hands on when I was a teenager.


So let’s move on to the two smaller shelves on either side of the main bookshelf:

Bookshelf Tour“Shelf” #1 houses my ever-growing “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” collection.

Shelf #2 has all of J.K. Rowling’s works, including my three sets of the Harry Potter books (German, English and French).

Shelf #3 holds all of my cookbooks. I love to cook and to bake so this is one of my absolute favourite sections of my bookshelves.

Shelf #4 has my favourite books from my childhood and the box is filled with programs from musicals and operas I went to.


Bookshelf TourShelf #1 has all of my documents for my courses at University.

Shelf #2 are some books from various art exhibits and some Art History books on the right side and on the left are books about the witch hunts in Austria and specifically Styria, which was the topic I wrote my High School Thesis on.

Shelf #3 has some old course books from High School and some Hebrew and French workbooks on the left side and on the right are all my various dictionaries.


So let’s move on to bookshelf number four, which is standing opposite my reading “nook”:

Bookshelf Tour On the very top (“Shelf” #1) I have some antique Children’s books, which my mum and stepdad gave me.

Shelf #2 holds my German Adult Fiction and two Fairy Tale collections.

Shelf #3 has all of my jewellery.




Bookshelf TourShelf #4 is my Classics shelf.

Shelf #5 holds some French books and my textbooks for my English and American Studies.





Bookshelf TourShelf #6 has the rest of my English and American Studies books on the right side and Art History books on the left.

And Shelf #7 is home to the rest of my Art History books.





And last but not least, I have one other shelf that’s hanging above my bed, which holds some of my TV shows and houses my Graphic Novel collection.

Bookshelf TourBookshelf Tour

Well I hope this was somewhat interesting for you. Do you have a specific way of organising your books? I’m always looking for different ways of organising, since I like to change it up a bit from time to time.

I hope you have a wonderful week, lovely humans!




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      1. Yes. Thou shalt be added to my pending-list-of-would-be-bookish-sisters. Lol, okay fine, I’ll add you on the top 😀


      2. No problem, sister 😉 Yep, *toasts.. and five seconds later passes out 😀 lol


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