March Wrap Up – Part II

As promised, here is the second half of all the stuff I read in March, so let’s skip the intro and just get straight to it!


#4: “Rat Queens, Volume 1: Sass and Sorcery” by Kurtis J. Wiebke, Illustrations by Roc Upchurch

20299683Rating: 5/5

This is fucking fantastic! It’s so incredibly funny and, as the title so aptly says, sassy as fuck! I love the diverse cast of characters: women and men of all shapes and sizes and ethnicities and sexualities! Realistic body types, for the fucking win!! It’s hard to pick a favourite character because I love these women so much, but I think I found my spirit animal in Hannah. I’ve shared this picture before, but I think this just embodies everything that is me most of the time so I’m gonna share it again:


Amen to that, Sista!

Rat Queens is an action and magic packed story, which is very fast paced and exciting so if you’re feeling bored and need a pick me up, this would be the perfect choice. However, same as with “Saga”, you should be aware that there is a lot of swearing and drinking and even some recreational drug use happening in this Graphic Novel, but if you’re okay with that then PLEASE read it! You won’t regret it!


#5: “Fun Home – A Family Tragicomic” by Alison Bechdel

465543Rating: 1/5

I have so, SO many feelings about this book! None of them are good, though.

I went into this with very high expectations because no matter whom you ask, everyone and their mother just seem to adore this. I only heard positive reviews so I though I will love this as well. Apparently that was not at all the case. I might even go so far and say that this is a very good contender for a spot on my “books I want to forget I ever read” list.

The writing was so incredibly pretentious! The entire time I was reading this I had a picture of Alison Bechdel in my brain, sitting at a writing desk, thinking “how can I make this book super duper smart and intellectual and convey just how incredibly wordy and literary I am?” And then she grabs a thesaurus and picks the most pretentious sounding substitute for every single word in that book. God the writing just frustrated me to no end.

Though the main problem I had and the reason why my rating for this is so low are the people in the book. The Bechdel family, their friends, the girlfriend – Alison Bechdel just could NOT make me care about anyone at all. I am an incredibly character driven reader. I can kind of look over a shitty plot as long as the characters are on point. If I’m invested in what they’re doing and thinking and feeling, I tend to enjoy the book even if the story is somewhat crappy. With this one however, I sat on my bed at one point and basically screamed at book-Alison “Duuuuude, I really don’t give a fuck!

I also couldn’t get into the art style. It’s very bland and unimaginative. The reason I finished this, is because it’s mandatory reading for a course I’m doing at university, otherwise I would have put it away again after the second chapter.


#6: Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art” by Scott McCloud

102920Rating: 3/5

This was, as you can probably guess, also mandatory reading for my Graphic Novel course. Also – might I advise everybody to never ever read a comic book on their old, black and white kindle? It’s not fun! Not at all!

However I still quite enjoyed this. It tackles everything from the very first comic, to all the different ways of panelling and how to convey motion and noises. McCloud introduces lots of different artists and describes their signature style and he does a very good job at drawing parallels between comics and other art forms.

Basically if you are interested in the foundations and inner workings of comics and graphic novels, this has it all!


And that’s a wrap. Now I’m off to meet with my ladies, have some drinks and hopefully still catch some of that lovely sunshine we’re finally having!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovely humans!



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