March Wrap Up aka “When Am I Going To Get Out Of This Goddamned Reading Slump” Part I

It really sucks being a book blogger and falling prey to a reading slump. I haven’t read a single book since March 18. I’ve picked up a lot of different ones, but either they put me to sleep or I immediately lose interest in them again. It suuuuucks so bad!

But I did manage to get a bit of reading done. This month had an unintentional theme called “Graphic Novels Galore”, because it just so happened that I exclusively read books with pretty pictures in them.

I think I’m going to split this up in two parts, though, because I want to show you some of the artwork meaning this would get pretty lengthy in one go. So let’s start off with the first three books:

#1: “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick


Rating: 5/5

“Maybe that’s why a broken machine always makes me a little sad; because it isn’t able to do what it was meant to do. Maybe it’s the same with people, “ Hugo continued. “If you lose your purpose, it’s like you’re broken.”

I put off reading this one, because it is so massive! What I didn’t realise however is, that there are some pages with only very little text and a LOT of illustrations. Page after page after page filled with beautiful pencil drawings. Once I picked it up and read it, I flew through it.

The story follows Hugo, who lives in a Paris train station and takes care of all the clocks after his uncle vanishes. He owns and hides a smashed up automaton and dedicates all his time to find the right parts in order to fix it. Initially I didn’t really like Hugo. He was very secretive and defensive. Which, granted, is understandable in his situation.

The writing, however, is beautiful and even after my initial dislike of Hugo I quickly warmed up to him. And the illustrations are amazing! The detailing in close ups is absolutely stunning! This book is the perfect combination of words and pictures and I highly encourage you to pick it up and read it!




#2: “Saga, Volume 1” by Brian K. Vaughan, Illustrations by Fiona Staples

15704307 Rating: 5/5

“Once upon a time, each of us was somebody’s kid. Everyone had a father, even if he never provided anything more than his seed. Everyone had a mother, even if she had to leave us on a stranger’s doorstep. No matter how we’re eventually raised, all of our stories begin the exact same way. They all end the same, too.”

What in the world? Why the fuck did I wait so damn long to start with this series? It is GLORIOUS! Best introduction to graphic novels, ever! Although I have a feeling now that I read this, everything else is going to have a pretty tough time measuring up to it.

This is a Romeo and Juliet kind of story with our two main protagonists being soldiers from opposite sides in a war. But war and fighting and whatnot be damned – let’s make a baby!

The story immediately starts off with swearing on the very first page and I am HOOKED! It’s so refreshing to have f-bombs dropped left and right and everywhere you’re looking, because in most novels I read it’s totally acceptable to have the main character kill a demon or monster or whatever and have that described to you in vivid detail, but cursing? Oh daisies, no!


The story is engaging and really fast-paced and the illustrations are simply stunning! However, if you don’t do well with swearing and graphic violence and some nudity, you should stir clear of this one. If not – what are you even doing with your life? Pick it up! NAOW!




#3: “The Wicked + The Divine, Volume 1: The Faust Act” by Kieron Gillen, Illustrations by Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson

23093359Rating: 4/5

“I’m the devil herself. I never expected forgiveness.”

Why in the name of fuck is everybody so goddamned beautiful? I can’t decide weather I want to be all of you or be under all of you! Jeez! Tremendous kudos to the artists working on this, because the illustrations are stunning!

The story is about twelve gods that get reincarnated every 90 years and then die after two years. Pretty much the definition of the concept “Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse.” It’s kind of a spin on our pop stars and celebrities in general and our “obsession” with them. They are idolised and adored by some, hated by others. I’m hoping though, that future volumes explain the whole reincarnation stuff a bit more, because there was not a lot of insight into the how’s and why’s so it left me a bit confused.

I didn’t enjoy the story as a whole that much, but the art more than made up for it. I spent some time after I finished it just going through it again looking at the pictures.

I mean this is just absolutely beautiful:


(Luci (Lucifer) – my future wife!)



(The Morrigan – my second future wife!)

So this is part one of my March Wrap up. Part two will be up soon so keep your pretty eyes peeled for that!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of food and chocolate! Have a great week, lovely humans!



9 thoughts on “March Wrap Up aka “When Am I Going To Get Out Of This Goddamned Reading Slump” Part I

  1. These books sound great and I love all the illustrations you showed! I’ve never really read a graphic novel, so it’s interesting seeing this. I might look into it though! Maybe reading something new and different will get me out of my reading slump. It totally sucks!


    1. It was my first time delving into graphic novels as well. It’s nice because they are very short (usually one volume is about 100-125 pages) and there are lots of pretty pictures to look at. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I need The Invention of Hugo Cabret! Looks & sounds so good!
    also, Saga, why have I still not bought at least Volume I..?

    Hope you get out of the reading slump soon!


    1. I didn’t pick up Saga for a long time because it’s so overly hyped. And I usually tend to really don’t like books like that because my expectations are very high and I almost always get disappointed. Not so with this though! TOTALLY get the hype around it! Freaking amazing! So yeah – you need to at least pick up the first volume! 😉

      Thanks… I hope so too! -.-


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