“The Lily means ‘I dare you to love me’.” – Luce, Imagine Me & You




Valentine’s Day was already a couple of days ago but I was tagged to do this by The Enchanted Book (thank you so much for tagging me! 😊), so I will. However, I don’t do the whole lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day shenanigans since to me it’s a corporate gig and nothing more and you shouldn’t need a set date once a year to buy your significant other flowers or chocolates and tell them you love them.

Also I’m not the most romantic person on the planet (quite the opposite actually) so I’m going to put my own personal spin on this, which is basically me listing all the things I love the most.


The rules are as follows:

  • Write 10 sentences about what you think of love in four words
  • Add your favourite love quote from a book, movie or person
  • Tag 10 people to do this


To me love is…

#1: Romantic walks to fridge.

#2: Coffee in the morning.

#3: Gillian Anderson saying FUCK.

#4: Watching Sarah Paulson interviews.

#5: Reading ALL THE BOOKS.

#6: Buying ALL THE BOOKS.

#7: Travelling to foreign places.

#8: Fluffy cute tiny kittens.

#9: Fluffy cute big cats.

#10: Fluffy felines in general.


Ah yes, the romance is strong in me…

As for the tagging – I tag everyone who wants to do this! Share what love is to you!

Have a wonderful week, lovely humans!



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