November Book Haul

Another month is over so it’s time for the monthly book haul. This time I added 29 books to my collection. My TBR is slowly developing into my personal Everest. Oh well.


Here we go. As always – physical copies first:



And the e-books:



May we all be merry and read ALL THE BOOKS!! And may I never run out of money! 😜

— Alina xx


10 thoughts on “November Book Haul

  1. Alice in Wonderland is a classic and will always be my favorite childhood story. A Clockwork Orange is fantastic. I’ve been reading non-stop since around May this year. I’m trying to read all classics and well-known books. It has been an interesting journey to say the least bouncing from story to story and soaking so much knowledge. I love it though.

    Please, please tell me how “Elijah’s Mermaid” is. It sounds so interesting and I may want to add it to my list. If you have any words to share about the others of your new haul, I would love to hear that, too. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. I love Alice in Wonderland so much! It’s my favourite book.

      I’ll let you know as soon as I finish Elijah’s Mermaid! 🙂

      As for the others – I just finished reading “Politics and the English Language” and it’s a really interesting and very quick (only 24 pages) read. And got started on the “Sailor Moon” manga and finished the first one. Loved that too. Makes me feel so young, since I used to watch the Anime all the time! 😉


      1. Oh, but isn’t it the most wonderful story!? I recently reread it and it was just as exciting as the first time!

        I will definitely have to give that book a shot! I love suggestions. You get the best reads from other people sometimes.

        I’m working on a graphic novel right now as we speak! I’m reading Watchmen.


      2. I’ve lost count in how many times I’ve reread it and i love it every time!! 😊😊

        I’ve been meaning to read Watchmen some time ago but somehow never picked it up. We watched the movie in a course at Uni and I rememner liking it. Let me know what you think when you finished it!! 😊


      3. Oh, I know! And the movies do no justice! — although they are just as fantastic.

        I’ve come to find that Alan Moore is a super good author! He also wrote V for Vendetta, which I just finished two books ago, and I enjoyed it! I love graphic novels and my husband is a super comic nerd, so it is nice to relate to stories he has read. I saw the movie and didn’t remember the details so I wanted to read it and actually retain it. For both actually. I guess I am bad at watching movies, most of the time I fall asleep! Haha!

        I will definitely write about it when I finish. 🙂


      4. Haha I have the same problem! xD I start watching and then after 10 minutes Im usually out like a light! 😉

        I’m looking forward to reading about your Watchmen experience! 🙂


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