Mini Reviews

Let’s do some incoherent rambling about all the feels I have on some of the books I’ve read recently shall we?

#1: “Heir of Fire” by Sarah J. Maas

20658347Rating: 5/5

This is book number three of the “Throne of Glass” series and by far the best! It seldom happens that not only the main storyline is interesting and well written, but also the supporting storylines keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting to find out more. In my case it even was one of those side stories that I enjoyed the most! We are introduced to a lot of new characters and I have to admit I cared more about their storylines and development than the old ones.

We get Rowan who is bound by a blood oath to Queen Maeve and becomes Celeana’s trainer in all things magical.

We get Aedion, Celeana’s cousin who would have been appointed her protector and closest confidant had she not been “killed”.

And then we get Manon! Holy SHIT, Manon! Words cannot express how much I love her! Her storyline was by far my favourite. She is an Ironteeth witch, the heir to her grandmother, who is the leader of the entire coven and she herself is the leader of the infamous Thirteen. She was raised believing she was born without a heart and a soul and is vicious and murderous, yet inherently very human. Her character development is by far one of the best I’ve ever read! Basically nothing exists outside of Manon Blackbeak anymore; she is everything, MARRY ME NAOW!

All in all the third instalment of this series was filled to the brim with pure epicness and badassery and please Ms. Maas hurry up and give me the fourth book immediately! Or else I’m going to have to make my feelings known by writing some lovely fan fiction about Manon smiling calmly while she rips out your heart. 😆

#2: “The Forsaken” by Lisa M. Stasse

12987192Rating: 2/5

God I have so many feelings about this book. None of which are very good! This was one disappointing read. Which is really sad because the premise had so much promise. In the dystopian the world of “Forsaken” everyone is required to take a test when they are 16, which determines if they are pre-disposed to becoming violent criminals. If that test turns out positive, one gets send to an island called “The Wheel” where all the other would-be criminals wind up.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Would have been very interesting too if it wasn’t for that HORRIBLE ROMANCE that destroyed it all!

First and foremost – Alenna needs to seriously re-evaluate her priorities! First she gets to the island all determined and in full G.I. Jane survival mode, next she’s drooling all over the hot dude and his gorgeous muscles. And of course the next thing that happens is the hated by many but most of all by me insta-love. Whyyyy, just why, can’t authors realise that we don’t always need a gooey lovey-dovey romance in what was supposed to be an action packed book? Please, Stawp!

Another big problem for me was that apparently all the characters, especially our main girl Alenna, were incredibly STUPID! Frustratingly, utterly stupid! Sometimes I wanted to climb through the pages into the book and slap them all silly.

Alas, like I said – great premise, but sadly very poor execution!

#3: “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams


Rating: 4/5 

“How beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken.”

It’s been a long time since I read a play and I really enjoyed this one. It’s a beautifully written domestic tragedy, which features wonderful characters. There is the strong and proud matriarch Amanda, who is very pushy and has extremely high demands on her children. Her son Tom, a realistic dreamer, who is stuck in a job he hates and really wants to be a poet. And we have innocent and weak daughter Laura, who is crippled and desperately shy and still (oh dear me – shock and horror) single at the age of 24.

To me this is a play about delusion, disillusion and misplaced dreams in an attempt to escape reality. Amanda places her dreams in her children, Tom places his dreams in adventure and Laura places hers in her glass menagerie collection.

It’s a very short play, and even though nothing especially exciting happens it still manages to keep you engaged and wanting to find out how things progress. What I liked the most however was the ending. Even though we don’t really find out what fate holds in store for the three of them, we are left with a sense of hope lingering in the air.

I hope you have a wonderful week! ❤

— Alina xx


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