Book Blogging Things I Suck At

I’ve been dabbling in this blogging thing for nine months now and I feel that’s a good time to do some self-reflecting and also a bit of self-chastising. So here are five things I suck at when it comes to blogging!


Suck #1: Being Consistent

Consistency Is Key

This is a real problem and not just one I’m having solely concerning this blog, but in life in general. I always start a project filled with enthusiasm and motivation and somewhere along the way I loose my drive and start neglecting said project until there comes a point where I just simply abandon it altogether.

Diets, exercising, my studies and this blog – basically anything that has to do with a set schedule. Right now for example I should be sitting at uni attending a lecture. Instead I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing this blog post. It’s even a lecture about utopian and dystopian literature and it’s history and how it developed over time and it’s really interesting, but sometimes I just can’t muster the energy to go all the way to uni for one 90 minute lecture, and it’s really fucking me up big time!


Suck #2: Writing Reviews

Just Write

This coincides with the problem I have of being consistent. I get really lazy when it comes to writing reviews. I usually finish a book and then immediately pick up a new one and completely forget about writing a review. And then it’s been a while and after a couple of months I remember that I actually wanted to talk about this book, but at that point I feel really uncomfortable doing so, because the plot is no longer fresh in my mind and I get some details mixed up and confuse character names and the like.

I originally started this blog in preparation for a course at uni where we did a lot of article and review writing because it’s been a while since I honed my writing skills, so I wanted to get back into it. And I wanted to write about something I love, which happens to be books and reading and other bookish things so and I wanted to document all the feelings and opinions I have on books I’ve read and I really, REALLY suck at it!


Suck #3: Being Creative


I completely suck at being creative and coming up with original discussions and the like. I’ve been doing a lot of tags lately because I just can’t think of anything interesting to write about. My creative juices refuse to flow and it’s really frustrating.

And if I happened to think of a topic I wanna talk about that I feel is original, I look it up and find millions (slight exaggeration here) of blog posts or YouTube videos that already dealt with that topic from every angle. Sometimes I still do it anyways, but it’s hard coming up with new and original arguments, since basically everything that needs to be said has already been said.

So get ready, people, because I have a lot more tags coming your way! 😉


Suck #4: Being Social

Social Birdy

Again one of those things I not only struggle with concerning the online community, but also in real life (Formal apology to all my wonderful friends! I’m not ignoring you I’m just extremely introverted and anti-social and I LOVE YOU ALL!). I would love to be more engaging and talk to you lovely humans who read my blog or to the people who’s blogs I read, but I’m very introverted and shy and I always feel like I’m a big creep and bothering everyone when I comment on someone’s post or someone’s YouTube video (I watch A LOT of YouTube and BookTube especially), telling them how much I love them and their ideas. Which is stupid, because usually when somebody puts himself or herself out on the Interwebz for everyone to see they WANT to find like-mined people and they WANT to start a discussion with them. At least I know I do, even though I suck at it. I really want to engage with you guys and hear your thoughts about the things I write about and put out there.

I want to fangirl with you over characters and books we both love, have arguments about books one of us liked and the other didn’t and I always appreciate constructive criticism and you guys giving me reading recommendations or just sharing your thoughts with me!


Suck #5: Being In The Loop


Every time something big happens in the bookish community (or basically in the world in general) I always find out about it waaaaay after shiz went down. I’m not up to date on which new releases are coming out or which topics are rocking the bookish world right now. I really need to start paying better attention to what’s going on around me…



So these are main five things I really suck at when it comes to blogging. Lot’s of stuff I really need to work on! If you guys have and tips for me on how I could be better at all this and how to be more consistent PLEASE tell me! I appreciate all help I can get, because I really WANT TO be better and more engaging and keep up the blogging since I love doing it!


I hope you have a wonderful week! ❤

— Alina xx


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