“Grace’s Guide – The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up” by Grace Helbig

22168240Rating: 5/5

Title: Grace’s Guide – The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up

Author: Grace Helbig

First Published: October 21, 2014

“Stupid is fun and failure is rewarding.”

(Disclaimer: I never pre-ordered a book before so this should tell you how fucking excited I was (and after reading it in one sitting) still am about this book!! Also you can see where this review is going! Lot’s of praising to follow…)

Now we all know (in case you don’t 1) have you been living under a rock and 2) please dear lord go and check her out and subscribe to all the hilarious goodness! You won’t regret it!) Grace Helbig from the YouTubz and I’ve been watching her for years, so this review might be a bit biased. Ok, yes, it’s completely and totally biased! I JUST LOVE GRACE HELBIG! But even though I might not be the most impartial person to write a review on this book, please hear me out, because this really is worth being picked up and read!

Grace’s style of vlogging is rather impersonal and not too deep (get it get it *winkwink*) and when she gives advice it’s not to be taken too seriously so when she announced she was writing a tongue in cheek self help book that gives advice to millennials I was expecting a book that wasn’t to be taken seriously either.

Boy was I wrong!

Even though she writes very similarly to how she vlogs, which is sometimes going slightly off course and sprinkling some taint jokes here and there, this book contains actual useful advice!

Like I said it’s not always to be taken completely seriously, but Grace covers some really important topics you deal with when you’re legally considered an adult. I myself might be 26 years old and even though the rest of the world considers me to be one of those adults, I consider myself more as a child with a drinking permit that has absolutely no idea how to properly adult. So you can see I was in desperate need for some enlightenment. She covers everything from school to job interviews to travel tips to how to properly throw and attend a party. And let me tell you – I LEARNED SO MUCH!

I learned that it’s a good idea to make a mental map of the cleanest and least popular public bathrooms on campus, I found out that the hangover cure I devised for myself is actually pretty great and it’s totally okay to cancel non-important plans due to said hangover and I learned that basically you can get everything at Target (if anyone can tell me what the Austrian equivalent to that is please let me know!).

Especially her chapters on social anxiety and how she deals with it and how to hang out with yourself really spoke to me. (Jesus that sounds fucking pretentious, but it’s true.) I really connected with those two parts, because I’m struggling with anxiety myself and I’m a very introverted person. Groups of people make very uncomfortable and I would much rather spend my weekends in front of the TV or the Internet or cuddled up in bed with a good book than going out to crowded bars, which is always quite an anxiety inducing experience for me, especially when you throw some alcohol into the mix (emotional drunken crying fits FTW!). Having someone tell you that it’s okay to want to spend time alone and to enjoy it (even if you only know that someone from watching them on the internet machine and are being told this via an inanimate object) is very consoling. Especially when everyone around you is constantly telling you to “get out more because you must be so lonely”.

If you are unfamiliar with Grace Helbig (I mean we already discussed this – crawl out of your cave please and check her out! #SeriouslyTho) this might not be the best medium to start getting acquainted with her and her quirkiness, however if you know her and like her and her face and her type of humour a reasonable amount and if you love funny anagrams then you will love this!


— Alina xx


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