Lending Out Books aka “DO NOT TOUCH MY BABIES!”

Fasten your seatbelts – It’s story time, people!


Once upon a time, I lent my best friend a couple of books. I enjoyed those books very much and I wanted to share that joy with EVERYONE! Many moons went by and every time I inquired after my beloved bookish possessions my friend said that, yes of course she will eventually read them.

Seasons went by and she finally found the right moment to delve into the stories and she loved them! Well, those books – my beloved beautiful books – have been with her for about eight years and now, after so much time has passed, she has no idea anymore what happened to them and where they could possibly be. Those stories are now lost forever… And I lived happily never after!

Another time my dearest mother wanted to read some Dan Brown books of mine. As my mother you would think she knows me quite well and she would know the very close bond I share with my babies on my shelves so I of course thought she would never hurt them. Apparently I was wrong. Not only did I discover that she DOG EARED my pages, she also BEND MY BOOKS IN HALF and completely cracked the spines in several places!

Dear God, the agony! 😭

The moral of this story is, that I never again have lent my mother a book of mine.




And that, my dear readers, is why I HATE LENDING PEOPLE MY BOOKS! These two experiences scarred me for life and now every time one of my friends asks me if they can peruse my shelves and borrow some of my books I get physical pains all over my body and I wanna snatch the books away from them and never let them go, but then at the same time I want to pass on the joy I experienced while reading those wonderful stories and I want my friends to READ ALL THE BOOKS ON MY SHELVES and experience the awesomeness and ALL THE FEELS!

To me it feels like if they read my favourite stories they will suddenly understand all the secrets of the universe and elevate onto a higher plain of being! I feel like they get to know me a little bit better by walking the same fantastical worlds that I walked in and by feeling the same joy and sadness I felt while reading those stories. If people are reading my favourite books I feel that we share a very special bond that can never be broken in all eternity.

And also I have a very hard time saying “no” to my favourite people, so you see what dilemma this whole lending out books situation poses for me?!




After the incident with the books that were never to be seen again, I refused to let anyone borrow anything off my shelves. That was until the beginning of this past July. I went to Spain for a week with a close friend of mine, and beforehand she asked me if I could take two books with me for her to read. Immediately I got heart palpitations because NO WAY NO WE’RE AT THE BEACH THERE IS SAND AND OCEAN AND MY BEAUTIFUL BOOKS WILL NOT BE EXPOSED TO THESE KIND OF HORRENDOUS CONDITIONS!

But then again of course I couldn’t say no to her, because firstly she’s one of my best friends, and secondly she doesn’t really read a lot so how could I refuse somebody who wants to further their literary knowledge?

After we got back home, she immediately came around to my place and got three more books and then I got this text after just four days:




THIS makes me so happy! And it makes all the reservations and all the anxiety I have about letting other people touch my books evaporate. There is nothing more beautiful than infecting other people, especially people that I love very much, with the joy of reading!

I would really like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you lend out your books? Or do you keep them locked away in a dungeon where no one but you will ever find them?


— Alina xx


P.S.: I’m aware it’s only Sunday today, but since I’m going away on a short trip and I have no idea how the internet situation is going to be I’m posting my Miscellaneous Monday post one day early.



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