LGBTQ+ Mini Reviews

So recently I read some LGBTQ+ books, especially books with lesbian main characters and I really liked them. Some of the books I read I don’t have enough to say about them to turn it in into a fully-grown review, but I always have something to say so I thought I would do some mini reviews on them.


#1: “The Dark Wife” by Sarah Diemer


Rating: 5/5

I ADORED this book! I started to read this around 11:30 pm thinking I would read maybe a chapter or so before going to sleep. Boy was I wrong. Once started I couldn’t stop and I think it was about two in the morning when I finished it. Then I was too excited and too frustrated that this book ended to sleep. Oh the great life choices I make. This is a retelling of the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades and it is probably one of my favourite LGBTQ reads of all time! The reason I love this so much is because most commonly books that have a gay or lesbian main character are always coming-out-stories or the characters have to struggle with and learn how to “handle” their sexuality. It’s always some kind of “issue” book. I’m not saying those books are bad – not at all! Those books are important too, I think, but I found it refreshingly wonderful to read a story in which the main characters are lesbians and not once is that fact being pointed out like “OMFG look at them *finger pointing* they gay”. It’s not once being commented on and represented as something that is not of the norm and the fact that a book like this exists which at the same time happens to be a retelling of one of my favourite Greek myths makes me squeal with joy!


#2: “Stir-Fry” by Emma Donoghue


Rating: 5/5

This is a coming of-age-story about a naïve 17-year-old girl called Maria who moves from rural Ireland to go to university in Dublin and accidentally moves in with a lesbian couple. As a consequence she starts to explore her own sexuality as well as learning a lot of new things about people since she previously was only exposed to her family. I’m not usually a fan of coming-of-age stories but this was a fun, quick and light-hearted read and I really enjoyed it. Also the fact that the characters weren’t always very likable is a huge plus because it made the story that much more realistic. The only downside to this book is, that the ending is very predictable. At least to me it was pretty clear what’s going to happen in the end. Nevertheless I loved this book!


#3: “Wildthorn” by Jane Eagland


Rating: 4/5

This book was a rollercoaster of feels! Disturbing, exciting, sweet, everything! The story revolves around Louisa Cosgrove who wants to break free from her life as a Victorian doctor’s daughter, but her dreams are turned into a nightmare, because she ends up getting send to Wildthorn Hall, which is an insane asylum. She is labelled a lunatic, she is deprived of her freedom and even her real name was taken away from her. This is such a good book! The characters are so real and the story is beautifully told.


So these are the recent LGBTQ+ books I read. If you have any suggestions on other books with preferably lesbian characters in them please let me know! I’m always searching for good LGBTQ reads. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. ❤

— Alina xx


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