Me rambling about my Provisional Posting Schedule :)

I’m trying to come up with a posting schedule since I don’t want to just chuck stuff at you whenever I feel like it and to give you guys some continuity and give me a fixed date so I don’t slack off, because I’m one of those people who needs deadlines otherwise I won’t get shit done. 😉

I’m planning on giving you book reviews every Friday. However that depends on whether or not I manage to finish my books in time. I have a lot of work for university so sadly I don’t have time to read as much as I would love to. I do have some reviews lined up and ready to go so don’t fret. 😉

Another thing I’m planning to do is something I might be calling “Miscellaneous Monday” (not quite sure yet if I like that name or not – let me know what you think about that) where I just talk about book related things that pop into my head. These will just be general ramblings and maybe some list posts, because lets be honest – everyone loves a good bookish list! 😜

This schedule could of course change over time and over the course of me finding my groove within the book blogging community, but I will try my best to be consistent!

I’m very excited about taking the plunge into the blogging life and I really hope I can put stuff out there that you guys will enjoy.

Talk to you soon! ☺️

— Alina xx


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